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Emergency Lighting Installation and Maintenance

Emergency lights are self contained units that are wired into the mains but have the benefit of a battery backup which enables them to remain illuminated should the mains power fail. The batteries are kept charged by the main supply. Our qualified technicians can survey, install and maintain emergency lighting in your premises.

The following minimum inspections and tests shall be carried out at the intervals recommended below.

Monthly User Tests

All emergency lighting systems must be tested monthly. The test is a short functional test in accordance with BS 5266-1: 2011

The period of simulated failure should be sufficient for the purpose of this test whilst minimising damage to the system components e.g. lamps. During this period, all luminaries and signs shall be checked to ensure that they are present, clean and functioning correctly. A record of the test must be recorded in the emergency lighting log book.


A test for the full rated duration of the emergency lights (e.g. 3 hours) must be carried out. The emergency lights must still be working at the end of this test. The result must be recorded and if failures are detected, these must be remedied as soon as possible.

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