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This is the last thing you want to see at your event. Thankfully this was just a controlled caravan fire training session, just one of the many we hold to train crews to handle just about any incident.


If your event involves the general public, camping sites, car parking, mobile catering, generators, lighting sets, then there is an inherent fire risk. Imagine if the worst should happen. In these situations people panic and your Stewards will have their hands full making sure people are out of danger. It may take time for the local authority fire service to That’s where we can help by providing a comprehensive fire protection package to suit your event. On-site fire cover with extensively equipped special purpose fire appliances, manned by trained and experienced crews, and maintained fire points at various locations around the site. This type of cover will help to comply with the Fire Regulations (Workplace) Regulations.

On Site Fire and Rescue Cover

 We have a selection of specialist vehicles suited to tackle the roughest of terrains and our drivers undergo regular off-road driving courses. Our appliances have capabilities to reach such places where normal ones can not. Unlike other specialist brigades, we specialise only in event & showground fire protection & prevention. Our fire crews undergo comprehensive fire fighting training to Home Office standards which enables them to handle whatever incident should it occur. As well as providing fire protection to your event the need for rescue facilities grows more.

Our appliances are equipped with the latest rescue equipment to handle every situation such as Hurst “Jaws of Life” cutting equipment which helped us to free people trapped when the seating collapsed at the Grapevine Christian Celebration, Lincoln Showground August Bank Holiday 2004.

Fire points can be positioned around your site to cover the whole area. Each post has a fire action sign detailing what to do in the event of a fire. Alarmed call points can be provided at an extra cost. A FETA qualified engineer will be on site 24 hours to replace or recharge any extinguishers if required.

Regular Fire Safety Checks - It is paramount that fire regulations are carried out, not just by campers but traders, exhibitors and visitors as well. Regular patrols around your site will ensure this and that Fire points are maintained.

Entertainment Fire Marshal Duties - To maintain Local Authority Entertainment Fire Regulations, and the Fire Precautions Act 1971, we can provide fire marshals and fire extinguishers in the entertainment areas. Our crews are trained in all aspects of fire protection from keeping fire exits free from obstructions to being on hand to respond to an incident and evacuation of the public if necessary. Public Awareness - We aim to provide advice on camping fire protection, not just for the public but exhibitors and traders too. Our uniformed fire officers are trained in public relations and are able to deal with queries regarding all aspects of showground fire prevention and safety.

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